A Short Poem from Nature

A Short Poem from Nature

To my fellow travellers,

These humble words I wish to write,

With the hope to build new characters,

For a beautiful sunrise after the night.

As the skies above the ground

Have started to look dark,

Some run around,

Others ignore the fact.

Puzzled like a dog

That can’t stop to bark,

You haven’t yet found

What is the right track.

Here I am then,

To openly talk to you,

As if nothing happened

And the sky was still light blue.

Not words to blame you,

But rather to firmly remind

That, far from any glamorous trend,

Transformation is the only chance you stand.

I still remember your generous soul,

And how it became a ghost,

As soon as you began asking yourself:

Who will be my next host?

This made me sad

And left alone,

As if I was not good enough

For you to call me home.

But you see, dear human kind,

If a solution you truly want to find,

New colours on the canvas,

And a brush to paint a different mind.

To make things clear,

I don’t strive to be adored,

What matters to me

Is to be respected and restored.

Of course, I will not lie here,

And tell you the truth,

It makes me buzzing when you find

Peace and beauty in my eternal youth.

But, if so it really is,

Why put a price on me?

As which number would you choose

for the air, the fire and the sea?

If cost-benefit analysis,

Just becomes another of your bets,

How much would you pay

For the most beautiful of all sunsets?

And, allow me one last request,

To save you from the greatest of mistakes,

That is to see me as a your limit,

And yourself as my guest.

Recognize the abundance that we hold,

The glorious horizon in front of us,

If you destroy fictitious barriers,

And start to act rather than discuss.

As written down, on Nature’s words, by Emanuele Di Francesco