Circular Conversations
Circular Conversations

Emanuele B. Di Francesco


Emanuele is a discreet and curious host, who has spent the first 26 years of his life stumbling upon a multitude of philosophical and economic ideas, falling in love with some and fiercely criticizing others (which ones are which would be too long to state here..).

He left the colourful markets and streets of Rome, where he was born, to embark in an intellectual journey in The Netherlands, first studying and researching economics (Utrecht University) and then, most significantly, its deep relationship with philosophy (EIPE, Erasmus University Rotterdam). There he started conversations with different stakeholders exploring the circular economy and the viability of socio-economic alternatives.

He conceives this project as an adventurous and picturesque journey, along which to be stimulated and stimulate the others, discovering together new ways of thinking and doing, and moving towards resolute and generous action.

Through his abstract painter alter-ego, Serpico, he assigns a painting to each conversation. Not with the intention of distracting the readers from the content, but rather with that of providing them with a colourful impression of what each conversation will be.

And, most importantly, he can’t wait to welcome you in.