Circular Conversations
Circular Conversations

Circular Conversations


Shaping an alternative for the socio-economic system of today

Circular Conversations is a fictitious and convivial parlour created to host an open and critical exchange of ideas on what the next society and economy should look like and how to get there.

By initiating conversations with people with different perspectives, ideas and ideologies, disciplines and backgrounds, this decentralized and independent platform shares theories and practices able to shape the direction and design of the next economy.

The diffusion of these conversations wishes, above all, to target the mind and spirit of the young generations, and provoke them (us) to take an active role in the societal debate and feel as the first actors of change. As a matter of fact, it will be us living in the next economy, not Donald Trump.

This is not the place for definite and easy conclusions, nor for dry and ungrounded judgments. It is the place for openness and curiosity, vigour of ideas and prudence, conceptual clarity and self-critique.

The greatest ambition of these conversations is to disrupt the conventions and habits of the mind, to present progressive socio-economic alternatives and to counter-attack the forces of intellectual and societal inertia with those of awareness and curiosity for a change.

So far, so good. But... why are the conversations ‘circular’?

Oh, right! I am aware that, especially from a philosophical standpoint, the ‘circularity’ of these conversations deserves an explanation.

In philosophical language, in fact, circular reasoning is a logical fallacy that occurs when the premises presume, more or less openly, the very conclusion that is to be demonstrated. An example might sound like: ‘the next economy will be a terrible one, because everything in our socio-economic system is going to hell!’.

Not only is the conclusion of this example strongly refused here, but also its sense of being ‘circular’. These conversations, instead, are intended to be circular insofar as they do not have a definite beginning and end.

Each of these conversations is a dynamic, continuously evolving entity, which, by circulating in a system rich of feedback mechanisms, is able to fertilize the soil for the birth of further ideas, critical perspectives and solutions. Exactly as it happens, in a metaphorical sense, in nature.